Organic Chicken Stock


If there is one kind of meat you should eat organic, it is chicken. The reason is, that conventional chicken is served to human poisonous arsenic to keep them free of parasites and diseases. Arsenic has been proven to cause many diseases and illnesses, so stay clear!

On the other hand, there is no better cure for flu, cold and even arthritis than homemade chicken stock. In his book ‘Food Energetics’ the author describes how we take on particular animal behaviour according to what meat we eat. I find it fascinating. For example chicken soup has been always served to ill people as it was believed, that the person will recover quickly by taking on the endless energy of chickens, who are always actively running around. On the other hand, consuming a beef soup or meat would result in a slower digestion, person’s movement and grounding. In fact, if you are very good observer, you can tell, whether the person is a meat eater or vegetarian.

Now back to the chicken stock. Here is my recipe, which can be easily altered by adding seasonal vegetables or by what garden offers. Just make sure, that your bones are from free range, organic chicken!



  • 500g chicken bones
  • 5 litres filtered cold water
  • any kind of root vegetables (in total 500g): carrots/ turnips/ parsnips/ celeriac/ onion/ garlic
  • dried spices: 4-5 bay leaves, 10 pcs old spice, 10 pcs whole peppercorn
  • fresh herbs and spices: 2 stems rosemary, 1/2 bunch parsley, basil, coriander…


Optional: 1 small chilli pepper, deseeded



Wash the chicken bones, place the meat in a large pot (at least 6 litres) or in a pressure cooker.

Add all vegetables (roughly chopped root vegetables, onion cut in quarters, garlic sliced), all herbs and spices and bring to boil. Reduce the heat and let simmer for 2 hours, if you are using a pressure cooker or for 8-10 hours, if you are using a regular pot.

Check on the broth regularly, ensuring there is enough water. Never leave unattended!

The broth is ready when the bones are extremely fragile, almost dissolved.

Strain the broth, remove all bones, vegetables and spices.

Let it cool down, place in small containers and in the freezer for later use.

 Tips: You can obviously use the same recipe to create beef/ lamb or any kind of fish stock.