'To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.' - Audrey Hepburn

Introduction to the Basics of Gardening


Be good to yourself, start gardening today!

I feel blessed to have been brought up on a farm experiencing an amazing abundance of fresh organic fruit and vegetables. My parents are keen gardeners and have seeded in me a passion for gardening and appreciation for what nature offers. Join me on my journey to become a passionate gardener alas an Earth Healer and contribute to continuity on this planet.

GardeningI believe it is important for everyone to start gardening and get that connection with earth. It is valuable for the mental health to see things grow and participate in the wonders of life. If you are able to harvest your fruits and vegetables from your own garden or pick herbs and flowers yourself, it is a wonderful experience. And you get the chance to eat your food at its peak nutritional value!

Plugging into nature always gives people the clarity of mind they need in order to achieve a balanced life.

Turn your kitchen waste into an organic compost soil conditioner, start composting now, leave the soil in the better state you had found it.

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Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Institute for Integrative Nutrition