'Heart and Soul of People is in their Food.'

Healthy Cooking Classes

Good things start at home. Families that eat together stay together… sounds familiar???

Find the life force energy hidden in food. I will help you develop your kitchen as a healing kitchen.

Be a healthy food advocate. Once you start eating healthily, you will feel healthy and it will become a desire.

The best food is the one which is colourful, flavourful and made from scratch.

Every time you cook, you are putting your own energy and emotions into the food. Your home made meals will have abundance of vitamin L = LOVE.

During our 2-hour cooking class I will show you how to prepare simple meals your family will love.

My hope is, that you look at what you have cooked with and say: Hey, I can do this myself… and use it as a template.

Keep your eyes, ears and stomach open for the latest, healthiest recipes.


Contact Me today for more info about how to join one of my cooking classes.


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Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Institute for Integrative Nutrition