Time to get rolling! Start sowing NOW!

Dear gardeners, outdoor enthusiasts and all those of you, who find growing your own veggies and herbs exciting! Somehow, summer felt extremely long this year for me. I am not sure if it was due to lots of changes going on in my life. I quit my old job in order to embark on much more awarding path in my life. While I totally agree, that we are nowhere close to ‘reasonable’ temperatures, there is already so much you can do to prepare your garden (or window sill) for the next season. If you have been travelling a lot or not getting enough air outdoors, your body is probably in a great need of nutrients. For me personally, there is nothing more rewarding than watching the things grow and participating in wonders of life through gardening. We should all find something, which brings peace to our souls. Many of us have lost connection with our bodies and gardening is one of those things that give an opportunity to slow down, take a deep breath and reconnect through nature. Kick your shoes off and get barefoot. Stick your head out in the sun for some of that depleted vitamin D and enjoy the healing energy throughout your body.   Turn your husband’s office or your dining table into greenhouse! Get your kids involved. Give them responsibility for their own plants. Start growing love, passion and appreciation for nature in them from very early age. It will keep them occupied and hopefully out of trouble. Start with ‘easy and fast growing plants’ and later include slower ones. This will build patience... Read More