Companion Gardening

Gardening is one of my favourite things to do. It requires commitment and responsibility to the stage, that you just HAVE TO skip that morning run from time to time, as early morning in September is the only time you can get the work done before you get burnt in 38 degrees by 10am. This year we are ready to create beautiful, productive garden and leave the soil in even better state then it is now. Our vegetables, herbs and flowers will be carefully combined in order to fulfil the principles of Companion Gardening. Just like you don’t get on with certain people, some plants have enemies while others support each other through the root system. This sort of gardening is associated with the healthy growth of plants by repelling unwanted insects, attracting pollinating insects and to provide nutrients, even shade for each other. I am also hoping that abundance of greenery will solve pollution problems and the calmness of colour will touch our hearts and souls. We started sowing on second and third week this month. I am checking on my plants at least five times a day making sure they are well watered and get enough morning sun to become stronger. We in fact started to have a strong connection to the extend, that I cancelled my trip to see my parents. After all, who can possibly take better care of them than me, when husband is away?   In the meantime, I have spent pretty much a full Friday preparing the plan. And here is the outcome:     Some basic tips for companion gardening: Must... Read More