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Hello, and welcome to Health Powerhouse! My name is Ivana and my mission is to help you upgrade your life to the best possible level through food, exercise, healthy spirit, and by what you put on your skin. My hope is, that by reading through Health Powerhouse you will find new wonders and hope; that you will realize, that your life can be transformed in the most profound way. DSC_8008b

I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach and the member of American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP). Even though I was brought up in the beautiful countryside right next to the highest mountain of my native Czech Republic, I have spent the last 15 years living in Dubai. While some people view Dubai as a super modern city, I view it as a city of opportunities, well stocked supermarkets and endless options for outdoor enthusiasts. I know that many of you will now argue with me, but if you are willing to go to bed early and wake up just before sunrise, even summer in Dubai has an endless list of places to run, cycle or hike. Oh, and have I mentioned nearby outdoor paradise Oman?

My journey to a healthier me started when I joined the airline industry some years ago. Being an active runner and working hard at 40.000 feet did not go well together. I was regularly sick and started to wonder what was triggering it. I soon realized how much power the food has over us, that what we eat becomes us, that food is a medicine and that our thoughts shape our life.

Being a flight attendant for a prestigious airline, I admit that we are masters of manipulating the laws of universe, e.g. working at night when the body is meant to be resting and recovering, eating at wrong times when not hungry and your body is not digesting the food. My body clock seemed in a constant chaos and I knew there were many things I could do to at least improve it, if I was to keep the job.

I threw myself into the pursuit of my dream, to restore my health and vitality and search for new ingredients and ideas. I started fuelling my body with the nutrients it needed, started fermenting vegetables and brewing my own probiotics, started making my own cosmetics, ensured I had proper rest, exercised regularly and surrounded myself with happy people. And it worked!

Travelling as a flight attendant, seeing the variety and quality of foods from many cultures and countries in the stores all over the world is certainly totally inspiring and I will always be grateful for shopping for incredible selections of seaweeds in Japan or juicy avocados in California!

It was not until spring 2013 when I went down a new path in my life and enrolled with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. And man, my life changed! I can proudly say that I cannot remember the last time I fell sick. My energy levels tripled and my mind got clearer. Having a background in Sports Science and Fitness I decided to experiment on my husband, a dedicated ultra runner, mountain biker and outdoor enthusiast. We started looking for food which would fuel him during his strenuous workouts and races. We got rid of all artificial supplements and started savouring fresh coconut water instead. His race food was substituted with home made granola bars, raw bars and fruits and seeds from the dehydrator. We got rid of all processed foods from our fridge and started making everything from scratch. We started buying much less meat, but when we do, we make sure it is high-quality organic meat. Our vegetables are hand picked once or twice a week from the local organic farms. We choose to add lots of super foods in our diet and juicing has become an inseparable part of our morning routine.

My mission today is to share this wonderful experience with all of you, so you too can live a healthy and happy life. I want to empower and engage you with knowledge to make the best available food, cosmetics and exercise choices. I want you to question where your food comes from, know how to prepare it and how to bring it to its best nutritional level and to recognise the power it can have on our health, happiness and even finances. Because, when you are happy, it shows in all you do!

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